Nepal Library and Information Consortium

Facilitating access to electronic resources to Nepali educational institutions

Established on 10 December, 2009, with the objective of becoming the nodal body to help provide educational information services in Nepal, including access to journal databases and other electronic resources.

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Our Objectives

The main objectives of NELIC is the provision and dissemination of information in digital format. In order to fulfill these objectives, NELIC will:


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Our Partners

As part of its strategy to meet its goals, NELIC will form partnerships with national and international organisations and networks. NELIC has already become associated with two major international initiatives that provide support to developing countries with electronic resource accession as well as other technical and non-technical support.


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Other activities

While efforts are ongoing to increase the activities of NELIC, the following are some of the areas of its focus:


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As members of NELIC, institutions will be able to avail of the following benefits:


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The Secretariat of NELIC is housed at:

345 Social Science Baha
Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali
Kathmandu - 9, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4472807,4480091 Fax: 4475215